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Subject: Hull City Post
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obi_jon 24.07.16 - 04:29pm

@ 4juice - 24.07.16 - 12:46pm
Think Moyes or Warnock might take over.

Moyes has already been appointed at Sunderland, so it won't be him. The thought of Neil Warnock in charge makes me feel physically sickspew.gif, I can't summon the words to adaquately express my dislike of the guy, 'cunt' just doesn't seem to cut the mustard when describing him.dislike.gif * +

obi_jon 24.07.16 - 04:37pm
I think they'll give it to Mike Phelan but if it was up to me i'd try and get Ryan Giggs on board as the manager and keep Phelan on as his assistant. * +

obi_jon 6.01.17 - 01:57pm
Marco Silva appointed as manager. The new Mourinho apparently. Performed miracles at Estoril leading them to the Portuguese top flight for the first time in their history, won the Portuguese cup in his one season at Sporting Lisbon and won the Greek title by a record margin in his one season at Olympiakos, taking them on a 17 game winning streak and losing only 2 games all season. He was linked with the Inter Milan job in the summer and had been touted as a possible successor to Arsene Wenger at Arsenal.
If he can add to that already impressive CV by saving us from relegation this season, he'll be a bona fide genius and will surely be regarded as one of the hottest properties in Europe. * +

obi_jon 9.06.17 - 07:26pm
Russian revolution? Leonid Slutsky(stop laughing at the back), former coach of CSKA Moscow and the Russian national team, appointed new head coach. Won 3 Russian league titles at CSKA. Close personal friends with Chelsea and CSKA owner Roman Abramovic. *

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