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Subject: Hargreaves
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r3ckless 19.03.10 - 12:05am
Plays for reserves and thinks he can still make world cup squad. How long ya think if can stay fit for chin * +

c4rl_7 19.03.10 - 12:11am
As a man utd fan i dnt fink he get a game 4 us let alone england. Hes behin scholes carrick fletcher N gibson and hes not in the champs league eiter! He mite get 10mins or 20mins tops! Think he should concentrate on gettin bk t the way he was b4 the injury. Thats my view * +

c4rl_7 19.03.10 - 12:12am
Meant champions league squad * +

spartan2 19.03.10 - 12:16am
if he is fully fit and he can play some prem games this season then fine it will help man utd rest players for the CL. But generally if there is still any doubt he shouldnt play and come back day one next season, because if he cant then its time to go i think * +

r3ckless 19.03.10 - 12:20am
He and not if * +

cantona 19.03.10 - 07:02am
What Spartan said * +

cantona 8.07.10 - 06:48pm
The bad news is Owen Hargreaves is in US seeing the specialist. He won't be fit for start of season dislike get rid of the c**t * +

soup26 8.07.10 - 06:52pm
how long since he played a 1st team 90mins?? * +

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