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Subject: Galaxy S10 Lite
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3mel 12.06.20 - 07:52pm
pay for two small Thai women to walk up and down your spine all day instead. * +

crail 12.06.20 - 10:16pm
Make sure they are women first * +

recurve16 23.06.20 - 07:34pm
Got a call from my network today, told them I'm happy with my phone, so just leave it as is.

Gave me an extra 20GB of data for nowt. * +

recurve16 31.08.20 - 12:03pm
So after all that my S7 packed in just over a week ago, won't power up, just freezes and shuts down.

So on the advice from the lad at 4G-Uprades I've gone for the Galaxy A71.
Well impressed with it so far thumbs-up.gif *

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