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Subject: Galaxy S10 Lite
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recurve16 9.06.20 - 09:32pm
Ok upgrade time again.
My network is offering me a new S10 Lite, unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 40GB data for 51 quid per month.

I'm still on my old S7 with a SIM only deal, 20GB 22 quid per month, still happy enough with it.

Just wondering if you guys think the S10 is worth the extra dosh ? * +

crail 11.06.20 - 01:04am
It's worth it purely because it's such a big leap from an s7. Battery, screen, camera are much better. Plus the two new android versions you'll be getting.

Might be cheaper to get it sim free and stick with your sim though * +

3mel 11.06.20 - 10:46pm
the full sized S10 can't cost much than that I'm thinking/hoping * +

crail 12.06.20 - 05:45am
The lite is better by the looks of it * +

recurve16 12.06.20 - 05:53am
Cheers guys.

I've been having a look around, the size of my S7 suits me fine, from what I can see the S10 Lite is a bit taller, my camera is perfectly adequate, I'm no David Bailey.

My battery life is fine and overall I'm still happy with my S7, and nothing on the S10 is screaming out at me to get it.
So it feels like I would just be forking out an extra 30 quid per month for an extra 20GB of data.

I've seen another network offering an S20 for the same money as the S10.

I've got another 10 days or so until contract expires, so will maybe call them and see what's available, as it is, I might just hold onto the S7 for another year. * +

crail 12.06.20 - 06:29am
Aww man. Don't you like new sh*t or something sad.gif Get the s20 if you can. It's a shame you can't wait for the note 20 * +

recurve16 12.06.20 - 02:17pm
Lol.gif you're right, having the latest shiit isn't a priority with me, I'm not really into tech and gadgets, I don't really replace things unless they're broken. * +

crail 12.06.20 - 03:29pm
Spend the extra money on beer then * +

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