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Subject: Galaxy S8
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st1nga 19.11.18 - 04:33pm
My S8 saying moisture in the charge port. How do I fix this?? * +

crail 20.11.18 - 10:48am
Oh dear. Your usb port is in the way out. Send it to Samsung. Assuming you didn't get it wet * +

3mel 20.11.18 - 04:17pm
it's a common thing for S8 users, I've not read up on it but there's A LOT written about it online. * +

crail 21.11.18 - 12:47am
I know all about it. My usb failed. Hope it's in warranty * +

hottt38 28.04.20 - 04:13am
Late reply but just get the charging port removed and replaced with a new one, take it to the repair shop, that should fix ur problem. * +

sug4r 23.09.20 - 10:50am
stick it in a bowl of dried rice:P * +

recurve16 23.09.20 - 09:58pm
The charging port on my old S5 packed in years ago.
Took it to small local repair shop, guy showed me a tiny piece of circuit board, he said the mic was part of it.
Supplied and fitted while I waited, for 30 quid. *

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