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Subject: Samsung GT-S5282
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mopac 5.04.16 - 07:18pm
Hello people, I have a Samsung GT-S5282 unfortunately its failing to boot up. It justgets stuck on Encryption failed. Unable to complete encryption due to interruption. Perform a factory data reset (erasing all your data) before use. After resetting, try encrypting device again. Please help me fix it. I have tried reloading two OS but still fails *

timomatic 18.04.16 - 02:21am
laugh *

faijuddin07 17.11.16 - 01:26pm
Dial *2767*3855 and wait a few minutes while the phone is being full restored. *

3mel 21.11.16 - 09:45pm
you see where he says that the phone doesn't boot up faijuddin07 ? *

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