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Subject: Note 4 Keeps restarting
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mopac 9.03.15 - 11:48pm
Hello everyone, I am kindly asking for some help. I have a Note 4 and this morning, it kept on rebooting itself. I tried resetting it by holding the power, menu and volume up but the problem is still there. It only stays on when plugged to a charger and when I unplug the charger, it keeps restarting itself continuously. Please help. Thanks. * +

3mel 10.03.15 - 02:32pm
what was the last thing to have changed on the phone just before this started ???

secondly holding that button combo doesn't reset the phone, it should take you into recovery mode from where you can reset it... (you don't need to press the home key tho)

look on youtube for factory reset note 4 * +

mopac 11.03.15 - 03:11pm
3mel, it just started misbehaving on itself. I tried to reset it but all to no avail. Please kindly help me out. Right now, I am using it whilst plugged on the charger and once I unplug the charger, then it will keep on restarting itself till the battery drains. * +

3mel 11.03.15 - 04:49pm
I'd do a full factory reset myself.. when you turn on the device let go as soon as the blue the writing appears..

[link]example in this video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbf-DhFMcVU[/link] * +

shabb07 26.03.15 - 05:28am
just show it to nearst samsung service if its in warranty.they will try to solve by software or change the pcb if its hardware power ic problm. * +

mopac 30.03.15 - 12:44pm
Thanks everyone for you kindness. We need a lot of you in this world to make it a better place for everyone to live in. I managed to solve the problem. The battery was the one causing the continuous restarting. After I bought another battery, it stopped misbehaving. Thanks once again. One love. * +

shabb07 5.06.15 - 07:22pm
Mopac u lucky to get ur note4 back to normal.or else i was thingking to ask u to gift me.ha ha ha ha * +

jayna 19.01.16 - 04:45pm
I get that alot sometime,s with a full battery it reboots it self then switch,s itself back on and the battery nearly empty. It is nothing too do with the battery its too do with the network and the signal strength even when the internet is turned off. * +

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