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Subject: Your imagined applic
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flash 18.09.07 - 10:45pm
idea I would like a software developer to make a application to set phone camera to start video and end at a certain time and take pictures at a certain time interfold. * +

flash 18.09.07 - 10:48pm
To catch a thief * +

jscott 18.09.07 - 10:55pm
there is an app that you can set to take an image at set intervals i can't remember the name * +

pappi 18.09.07 - 11:40pm
I wuld like an applic that can send sms when I program it to!If it doesnt already exist.Lmao * +

stefdag 18.09.07 - 11:42pm
there is such an app @pappi for older OS. dont remember the name right now tho lol. * +

flash 18.09.07 - 11:48pm
My next idea for a application to record at a certain time and end when set it to, to catch someone who is chatting you. * +

damjam 18.09.07 - 11:53pm
My requested app would be 1 that could utilize my phone in some way to prepare food and milkshakes, n then bring it to me on the couch hurray * +

ashu77 19.09.07 - 12:18am
Stef the app u r talking is smstimer * +

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