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Subject: We prodigits USERS
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anjan 19.03.2004 09:28:32
My name is ANJAN,,, ANJAN SARMA (real name)..I am from calcutta.India...I am working in a state govt hospital as store-keeper...i hv two daughters and ONLY 1 wife. :-( ...... AND YOU?? (to our new and old - ALL friends- say something about yourself-but only once) * +

kurtz 19.03.2004 09:40:02
My name is lewis dolan. I am 18 frm manchester, england. I am a student at south trafford college studying media. I av a girlfriend. Thats me. * +

soggywow 19.03.2004 09:40:48
I am 15 from n.Ireland i go to coleraine academical institution i am studying 9 gcses as i gave up art i will go back next term to study a level in re history english and technology * +

hex1911 19.03.2004 09:41:09
I wont give my real name but im romanian/american married IT manager for pemstar corp. I do web design security and so on. 1 kid named james. Currently living in romania. * +

sncrespo 19.03.2004 10:06:46
Hi. Im Sergio Crespo, 24 not married and no kids (i think so) ;-p lolololol. I live in Oporto in Portugal. I have a restaurant... * +

rbhasin 19.03.2004 10:12:38
Im from new delhi, india. 18 years old, currently in college in my first year and i think this sites d*mn cool : ) * +

ryan.wap 19.03.2004 10:15:43
Im ryan from Crewe,England ive worked in an abbatoir for 12yrs cutting cows up.Im a single parent with 1 child and a girlfriend * +

spimpy 19.03.2004 10:17:20
Hi, my name is sweety...lol... This one was for you anjan... :-) my name is sascha, im 25 years and studying english (literature and speech) at the university of wuerzburg.... When im done with that i would like to have a job as video games translator... :-) dream a little dream... * +

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