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Subject: Which is better
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spunkydj 30.04.18 - 11:35am
Opera mobile or uc browser * +

sisfreak2017 1.05.18 - 04:53am
Operas better since UC ceased its Cloud download feature its fkn Crap!
one now has to use UnderGet if one was wanting to download ''Stuff'' (whistle) * +

kiber 6.06.18 - 01:09pm
i use both. * +

banbury 9.08.18 - 02:54am
Ive used Opera to access Facebook it works great plus the browser also allows you to read messages without the need for the Facebook messenger....which probably no longer functions on symbian anyway. * +

banbury 5.12.18 - 04:35am
mini opera also allows you to use Youtube on some symbian phones like the N8. although the video quality isnt great. its a real shame and a waste of the N8's screen when its capable of much better. * +

polo_011 19.12.18 - 11:06pm
Ah yes, that sweet sweet nHD display (hehe)
But yeah, the N8 did have a decent display. * +

spunkydj 17.01.19 - 11:46pm
uc browser * +

banbury 26.02.19 - 01:18am
well I know the resolution of the N8 screen was nothing special even in its day polo 010 and it wasnt particularly bright either lol but at least the amoled panel produced good colours. Ive still got x2 N8s at home both of which are in new condition, as well as various other symbian phones. * +

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