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Is symbian still alive? - Page 11/11

Subject: Is symbian still alive?
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polo_011 15.01.17 - 06:36am

@ spunkydj - 13.12.16 - 10:43am
as long as some people still use symbian then its still alive of sorts but may be it may come bk in the future if someone rewrites the programming

A whole lot of money would have to be pumped into Symbian to get it up to where Android and iOS are. We are probably talking close to a Billion Dollars that would be needed. There is just too much required, even as it was dying Nokia couldn't put enough into it and had to rely mostly on Hardware like the Camera in the 808 PureView to make Symbian easier to sw*llow. * +

banbury 29.08.19 - 10:54pm
I bet they wish they had never bought symbian out! but thats all in the past now of course. * +

sisfreak2017 30.08.19 - 10:43pm
Pureview Nokia original ?whats left still own that, they only sold the Pureview Name and trademak to Microsoft (they (Nokia) kept the technology secret). And licenced to who will pay

Microsoft didn't get Nokia Maps either, was a jointly owned thing and think the others bought their part.

The company that makes current nokia phones, acquired the Pureview brand name off Microsoft, but think original nokia still own the technology involved and offer it to license .

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