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Subject: its a flat earth
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teddig 10.05.17 - 12:47am
theres no way we are living on a ball zooming through space, when you actually look into this its a total joke we are on a globe. any comments welcome... * +

teddig 10.05.17 - 12:57am
there are so many reasons why it is indeed flat and not a sphere, you think its a globe because thats what you have had rammed into your brain since 1st days of school, none of us have actually seen the earth as a sphere with our own eyes, im interested to hear your points of view on this subject people??? * +

terrydactyl 10.05.17 - 01:06am
Give 5 reasons why you think it's a flat Earth. And then give your flat head a wobble. * +

teddig 10.05.17 - 01:16am
you give me 1 reason why you think its a globe? * +

critical 10.05.17 - 01:36am
rolleyes * +

teddig 10.05.17 - 01:46am
whats your point critical? * +

iminuru 10.05.17 - 03:01am
badidea actually the earth was flat but Galileo inflated it and it became a sphere... since then no1 could puncture it 2 flat it again... * +

phallica 10.05.17 - 05:02am
It's not a sphere, it's an oblate spheroid. It's slightly flatter at the poles than the equator, not to the extent that crazy and or stupid people profess. * +

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