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Muslim/Islamic chat box. - Page 111/112

Subject: Muslim/Islamic chat box.
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miaiad 18.10.20 - 08:59am

@ ufohunter - 16.10.20 - 09:12am
Still looking for the Meanings of the Qur'an by Marmaduke Pickthall
Had two.

Let me (lol) get this straight lol
Was trying to be a ''self-proclaimed scholar'' but got nowhere at it lol

Well done on exerting such research efforts.
BTW, reading various opinions and interpretations about any issue in Quran/Sunnah/Etc will give collective conclusions to reader (lol) which might often be better than individual understanding. * +

miaiad 18.10.20 - 09:01am

@ ufohunter - 16.10.20 - 09:46am
Miswak (good)
That's the name of the toothbrush
Miaiad uses one

Miswak is naturally coming from a tree called Arak.
I use one occasionally.
* +

trunking 28.10.20 - 08:35pm
How prevalent is Hejazi Arabic? * +

trunking 28.10.20 - 08:40pm
Your guys thoughts on [link]this:http://realhistoryww.com/world_history/ancient/Misc/True_Negros/The_True_Negro_2.htm[/link]
Not to arouse any animosity et al. Just found myself insanely drawn to as to what much history we are oblivious to and acculturated prejudices and steretypes we may unbeknowingly have been led to believe, and even propagate.. * +

miaiad 1.11.20 - 11:35am

@ trunking - 28.10.20 - 08:35pm
How prevalent is Hejazi Arabic?

It should be prevalent in parts of Saudi Arabia, but why should you bother about it?
I tell you something as a native Arabic speaker, dialects are more into informal daily language (not formal or written ones at all). It is easy for Egyptians to Understand Syrian or Yemeni, same for Iraqi to understand Omani and so on.
Some dialects that may need more concentration or difficult to understand by people in Levant, are like those of Sudan, North West Africa.
Everyone who uses Arabic as formal language (it is formal in 23 countries) should understand easily the standard spoken language (dialect-neutral) and same for written language (which is typicaly the same). * +

miaiad 26.11.20 - 09:05am

Dome of the rock, recent picture. Lol * +

trunking 26.11.20 - 09:56am

@ miaiad - 26.11.20 - 09:05am

Dome of the rock, recent picture. Lol

I saw the Dome of the Rock lol

Al-Aqsa pretty cool too! * +

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