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The religion of peace.... - Page 7/9

Subject: The religion of peace....
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ogdenz 27.10.20 - 12:24am
Korandrex. * +

budgiesmuggler 27.10.20 - 01:01am

@ sisfreak2017 - 20.10.20 - 10:40pm
You don't need to be good at drawing cartoons in this modern age. There's many printed patterns available to choose from.

That's just one popular example that's available.

So I push a Mohammed out of my jesus..
Then I wipe my jesus with a Mohammed?
Confusing * +

ellesse1 27.10.20 - 01:21am

@ tazdevil - 19.10.20 - 12:00am
I used to have a deep-seated hatred for Islam, but my views have definitely changed over the years. Although I haven't read the Quran (or any religious books for that matter) but I don't think any religion would promote hate/violence. It's always the people twisting the context, and misinterpreting according to their convenience.

Islam sure considers homosexuality as a sin and is very regressive in some areas (so is Christianity, and many other world religions) but I don't think killings are glorified in any books. Seems to me the common goal is to make the world a better place, so where does the hate/violence come from?

The hate comes from people, and these extremist groups. People re-write religion the way they want to live, use religion as a way to recruit followers for political gains and teaching hate towards those that disrespect.

In that case fascism is the same. If we go by your view,all philosophy's have moderates and extremists. The best way is simply looking at the original scriptures or manifestos. In Islam's case it is negative to homosexuality,Jews and women. * +

sisfreak2017 27.10.20 - 02:37am
(faint) * +

badapple 27.10.20 - 03:00am
french products are being boycotted in the middle east, after macrons public backing of the showing of the cartoons. [link]https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/oct/26/france-islamic-end-boycott-french-goods-macron-muhammad-cartoons[/link] * +

alanball 27.10.20 - 09:43am
I defy anyone to not purchase a box of French Fancies if they pass them in the shop * +

budgiesmuggler 27.10.20 - 07:38pm
I'm sure they'll be fine
* +

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