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Subject: Mobile phone hacking
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misswelsh1 9.06.18 - 03:35pm
Hi all, any1 on here know anything about hacking phones???? My 22 year old son has somehow remotely hacked mine and my partners Samsung phones !!!! They both suddenly turned off the same time.... then came on and said erasing he has managed to wipe both phones out.... messages, numbers, pic's, apps I mean EVERYTHING.... I know he got a Google pixel 2xl Phone, he's also taken over my both gmail accounts and changed passwords !!!! Any tips on how 2 prevent him from doing it again please??? Thanx * +

crail 11.06.18 - 11:00am
Yeah you can wipe your phone remotely by signing into your Google account. Its not hacking. Its for when you lose your phone etc. You will have to use new gmail accounts * +

3mel 11.06.18 - 12:39pm
yeah it's called FIND MY DEVICE (in settings/ security/ device administrators/ find my device), never used it myself but it should require your passwords so those were either pretty weak or you flat out told him what both were.

you can deactivate the option on the phone and switch to a much stronger password. stop using smart lock if you have been too. * +

3mel 11.06.18 - 12:43pm
there are other more technical ways you can do this too, but that requires him to have held your phone and activated something called ADB over network. * +

misswelsh1 15.06.18 - 12:22am
Thanx for ur replies x * +

aznpixy 15.09.18 - 09:23am
Yeah kick him out if he still lives with you! * +

banbury 5.12.18 - 04:38am
exactly! sounds like hes having a laugh at your expense misswelsh1 lol * +

nhogolo 7.01.19 - 06:31am
How can u use gprs network? * +

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