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Subject: Suggestion
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mandeme 13.05.15 - 11:30am
Hi! Pls which affordable phone that has 3g, supports whatsapp, browses well on apps like opera, that is also symbian that i can BUY?,, pls ur suggestion is needed.. thankz * +

3mel 13.05.15 - 02:14pm
I wouldn't buy a Symbian unless you are into hunting out software for it all by yourself. plus a lot of developers have stopped supporting it, so some apps that once worked do not any longer.
you will definitely need to hack it in order to install older apps.

that said the 701 is one of the best they ever made. anything lower than that might bug you later compared to cheaper Android phones your friends might have. * +

mandeme 13.05.15 - 05:03pm
tankz friend, but please what is 701?.. @3mel * +

3mel 13.05.15 - 06:52pm
it's a Symbian phone [link]http://www.phonearena.com/reviews/Nokia-701-Review_id2841[/link] * +

mandeme 13.05.15 - 09:59pm
tankz bro.. bt de phone is expensve.. i need a less expensve or cheap symbian phone that has those features i mentioned.. gv me more suggestion .. al d same tankz... pls inbox me ur fb id.. * +

3mel 13.05.15 - 11:15pm
can you used phones where you are ? * +

mandeme 14.05.15 - 01:02pm
Can you used phone where you are,,,.... i dont undaztand?.... * +

3mel 14.05.15 - 01:19pm
I missed out the word buy... doh3.gif * +

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