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Subject: Chinese Democracy
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jjoyz 11.03.09 - 09:24am
didnt listen to the album nor do i want to,,,gnr will never be the same without slash * +

gayanibf 11.03.09 - 11:19am
nope.. i dont think slash is limited to pentatonic blues. i think i've heard him playing mode stuff in his gnr guitar work.. * +

deic1de 11.03.09 - 02:59pm
This i love . There 1s was a time. sorry. Brilliant songs the wait no wasnt worth it * +

deic1de 11.03.09 - 03:02pm
The music as in the guitar work is better than any of slashs work u got to get past y rose tinned glass n open up your eye's . Gnr wer n always wil b my fave band but the was always far better guitars to slash * +

jjoyz 11.03.09 - 09:07pm
hmm might give it a try..can any1 recommend any few gud songs frm the album? * +

jjoyz 11.03.09 - 09:10pm
like sm1 said its been 10 yrs in d making..u expect them to learn guitar by tht time chin * +

mindwar 13.03.09 - 03:47pm
The guitarwork is ok, but far from great. Slash was and is great. He has his own style, put his stamp on gnr since the very first album. Im agreeing with axlisbak that axl had better put his own name on the album, even his vocals sound different now * +

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