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Subject: scooter
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spunkydj 6.03.19 - 11:40pm
what do you all think of them * +

stratboy 8.03.19 - 06:12pm
lambrettas are unreliable * +

crail 8.03.19 - 06:58pm
Cheesy * +

metalb0y 13.03.19 - 07:55pm
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* +

leedsand 26.03.19 - 12:15pm
bag of s**t * +

warded 2.05.19 - 02:37am

@ spunkydj - 6.03.19 - 11:40pm
what do you all think of them

They are good in small dosages. * +

missmobi 19.05.20 - 09:11am
It winds me up the dude shouts WHY lol kinda killed my music mood * +

stratboy 21.05.20 - 03:43pm
ok *

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