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Subject: Download Festival goers
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a.motive 9.01.18 - 10:41am
Can any of you guys tell me all the perks of an RIP ticket? * +

stratboy 10.01.18 - 06:04pm
yes * +

a.motive 22.01.18 - 09:52am
Fire away! :) * +

a.motive 30.01.18 - 01:01pm
Anyone... * +

boredofu 30.01.18 - 01:44pm
It's camping for anyone who doesn't like camping. So instead of roughing it and risking getting your tent burnt down by hells angels you get warm showers, a spa, dressing room, lockers, convenience store etc * +

a.motive 31.01.18 - 12:33pm
That's awesome! I'm in Australia though, first year for us, it's 1 day not 3... So no camping. I've sent emails but asking about signing tents, merch tents, and safe places to leave our belongings but all I got back was yeah there's gonna be a cloak room to leave our things in. But how secure will it be? Will there be a guard there at all times? Will we have our own personal spaces. Kinda paranoid about leaving money/signed items in a room anyone can enter. *

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