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Subject: Download 2015
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mshippy 2.08.15 - 04:44pm
Any 1 there or watched it on tv or online just watched it last nite much as i like muse i think judas priest should have headlined rob halford was brilliant on the other hand marilyn manson was brutal is he always that bad live *

wildhart 3.08.15 - 04:49pm
He was meant to of actually been really good in person but the video for him and a few others didn't do them any justice. I was almost front row for Priest who were AWESOME *

mshippy 4.08.15 - 04:59pm
Grrr me so jealous @ wildheart (envy) *

rav3n 7.08.15 - 07:08pm
I was dancing to Priest at Hellfest. Drunk and half naked. Good times. *

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