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Subject: What is that xfactor music uk
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mshippy 22.09.14 - 03:41pm
Any 1 know that tune thats a background music in this years xfactor sounds a bit like the start to doctor whos doomsday theme its driving me mad not knowing great tune any1 know name of artist or tune thanks grin *

stratboy 22.09.14 - 05:58pm
yes. *

garion 22.09.14 - 06:35pm
[link]This page:http://www.higgypop.com/blog/songs-from-the-x-factor/[/link] may have the answer - there are various tunes listed, but in ads for the show (which I don't watch) Carmina Burana is heard, and that's one of those listed. *

xxlee 25.09.14 - 09:08pm
tea produced loads of good hits, what was there most well known hit again? *

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