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Subject: New Green Day Album
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nuqi 18.04.14 - 07:37pm
I have been impressed by Green Day Album, I honestly think their previous albums weren't too good. The Demolicious album is great, have you had a listen? Share your views? * +

king397 18.04.14 - 07:55pm
isn't that a compilation of demos or summat? * +

laity 18.04.14 - 09:56pm
It's 18 tracks from the uno dos tre album in demo version.. not listened but don't really want to.. Green Day have been terrible for years now * +

king397 19.04.14 - 03:26pm
i didn't bother with the triology. * +

nuqi 19.04.14 - 08:01pm
Yup, it's a compilation of possible good songs. I agree their Uno,Dos, Tres albums sucked . But I think with this Demo album, something good came out of it. * +

stratboy 8.09.20 - 04:17pm
It's ok *

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