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Subject: Chinese Democracy
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eskimoto 22.02.09 - 02:09am
opinions on the long awaited guns n roses album plz or as others call it axels solo project because the other original band members aint in it! personally i think it rocks and has sum great tracks like shacklers revenge, better, if the world, sorry, etc. and the new guitarist Ron Thai aka Bumblefoot is an awesome player! but was it worth a 15 year wait? well maybe not but the more i listen to it the more i appreciate its quality even tho it is highly edited and polished! * +

cymruk 22.02.09 - 02:13am
well i think its great and well worth the wait! * +

eskimoto 22.02.09 - 02:16am
whats ur fav track? * +

part4 22.02.09 - 02:20am
bums and noses are s**t some good songs thats it * +

cymruk 22.02.09 - 02:25am
Street Of Dreams, Shackler's Revenge, Better, they are my fav cant pick just one * +

eskimoto 22.02.09 - 03:41am
is the metallica and guns n roses war still going on i bet stratboy is a alchoholica fan lol, axl rose has sum great material u have to admit and can still make good music without slash who i did once like but as i grew as a guitarist it dawned on me that he wasnt as good as i once thought he was in fact he cant play anything other than pentatonic rock blues, he just has a great tone thats all * +

mindwar 11.03.09 - 04:02am
I gave Chinese Democracy a try, its not bad but it doesnt have any track that simply blows you away.. Count with that the fact that mr Rose was almost 10 years 'workin' on this album, and this is the result.. Well im deeply disappointed and next time when i want to l2 GnR i will put Appetite For Destruction on. Without Slash Axl is nothing. * +

axlisbak 11.03.09 - 05:45am
agreed mindwar. it was okay but like i said in another post, axl shouldnt have released it under the gnr name as its something completely different. i imagine many long time fans were dissapointed after listening to the whole album * +

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