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Subject: John Martyn
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gabriel9 29.01.09 - 09:42pm
John Martyn has sadly passed away at the age of 60. An incredibly influential folk-jazz and rock guitarist, his 70's albums like Solid Air particularly show this vital talent that was too big to be reigned in with genre classification. Rest In Peace , John. * +

calv185 30.01.09 - 03:57am
One of the greatest guitarists eva and a great singer. May you never is a brilliant song. R.I.P. * +

gexar6 30.01.09 - 04:05am
worked with a guy named john martyn.he waz a w**nker. * +

kute_lez 30.01.09 - 06:15am
music RIP * +

atlant1s 30.01.09 - 01:42pm
Ah he featured on a favourite tune of mine by Sister Bliss and the song was called Deliver Me. Great tune. RIP John * +

gabriel9 31.01.09 - 01:22am
I saw john live only a couple of years ago. He'd lost his leg, but was so naturally entertaining, full of stories and jokes, but the affection the crowd had for this guy was like hero worship. He was genuinely suprised by how much he was loved, he was a total legend and i feel honoured to have witnessed his charm and talent close at hand. * +

enryu 31.01.09 - 01:54am
ahh this the guy i saw on bbc4 tranlantic sessions a few times with tracks like 'mister mister' and 'muf*'. r.i.p * +

plzgvhug 31.01.09 - 11:15pm
A great artist. Rip * +

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