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Subject: Jeff Healey R.I.P.
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anduan 3.03.08 - 10:09pm
Guitarist, trumpetist, clarinetist and bandleader Jeff Healey died in Toronto hospital. Following a lengthy struggle with cancer, Healey passed away on the eve of the release of a new blues rock album. Jeff Healey arguably one of the most distinctive guitar players of our time, died sunday, March 2 in St. Josephs Hospital, Toronto. He was only 41 years old. RIP sad * +

anduan 3.03.08 - 10:09pm
He was blind. He lost his sight when he was one year old, due to retinoblastoma, a rare cancer of the eyes. Unfortunately, retinoblastoma was his death's reason. Here 2 pics, in 1st pic Jeff Healey is on stage with Ian Gillan (from Gillan's tour) in summer of 2006 at the Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto. * +

garion 3.03.08 - 10:18pm
No way. That's a great loss. Respect. * +

anduan 3.03.08 - 10:25pm
I didnt really know that he was so young. tsk tsk, too pity anyway. The last appearance i have him in my collection is in Ian Gillan's last album from 2006, ''Gillan's Inn'', on the Deep Purple's song 'When A Blind Man Cries'', he played a great guitar solo. music2 Really great guitarist... * +

shamanix 4.03.08 - 11:12am
R.E.S.P.E.C.T.. * +

rokidol 4.03.08 - 11:23am
Didnt realise he played all those instruments anduan! A sad loss! * +

anduan 4.03.08 - 08:08pm
Yes he could play all these instruments, he was playing often trumpet in his lives but of course he was wellknown worldwide for his electric guitar's style music2 * +

haboura 4.03.08 - 08:23pm
poor * +

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