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Subject: Pink Floyd: Pulse!
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anduan 27.02.08 - 01:53am
This post is a help guide. It'll help all these lucky owners of the 1st edition (European and American) of the ''Pulse'' double live album to change battery. The 1st edition_released in 1995_had a blinking red light on the front edge of the album box. So, lets start guitar * +

anduan 27.02.08 - 01:55am
The guide is taken from this site: http://www.aume22.dsl.pipex.com/floyd/pinkfloyd.html * +

anduan 27.02.08 - 01:58am
''Tools required: I tried a number of different tools to get at the circuit board, but settled on just two tools/utensils that every body owns: A dinning knife and a dinning fork! The knife really needs to have a dull edge as the most risky part of the operation is trying your best not to cut through the box covering, and spoiling the appearance of the album box.... * +

anduan 27.02.08 - 02:01am
Let's Get Started: Remove the booklet and the card insert from the Pulse box. Holding the empty box, as below, gently insert the knife blade. Slightly flexing the box to allow better access very gently cut the joint between the card insert/partition from top to bottom and the wall of the box gradually sliding the knife further into the box. Be very careful, if you slide the knife in too far you will cut through the spine and spoil the box! * +

anduan 27.02.08 - 02:02am
* +

anduan 27.02.08 - 02:03am
Once you have released the partition use a fork to leaver it outwards. The partition can not be removed completely as it is part of the box construction and is permanently attached! * +

anduan 27.02.08 - 02:05am
Once the cardboard partition has been gently levered back the circuit board will be revealed. The board is attached to the partition by small piece of double-sided sticky tape and will probably move away from the front of the box as the patron is levered back. Carefully prize the circuit away from the partition by inserting the knife between the tape and the cardboard and not between the tape and the circuit! * +

anduan 27.02.08 - 02:06am
popcorn Using the fork, carefully remove the circuit board (try not to short and of the circuit connections) and examine its neat construction. * +

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