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gabriel9 5.09.06 - 09:12pm

From the classic prog of the 70s, Genesis, Yes, ELP, Floyd... to present day, Mars Volta, Tool etc... this is your forum on all things prog! * +

shabutie 5.09.06 - 09:20pm
coheed and cambria are classed as prog (better than the cr*ppy emo label they get stamped with at times) this is the best band ever..prog or not CoCa will take over the planet. * +

garion 5.09.06 - 09:23pm
Ok cool, I used to love prog back in the day, and I LOVE the Mars Volta and Tool (although I'm not sure I'd call Tool 'prog'). But I've heard a good few people say 'if you like prog rock, check out Spocks Beard'... DO NOT DO SO if you value your sanity.. they make Boyzone look edgy, and sound like Mile and the Mechanics covering Toto.. utterly horrible. * +

gabriel9 5.09.06 - 10:35pm
Lmao thanks for that warning ive also been told to check spocks beard out and nearly did a few times..since there are few prog bands around. i guess tool, like anathema in the early days can be classed as prog metal.. Mars volta are amazing i agree * +

puciato 5.09.06 - 10:38pm
The mars volta are one of the most amazing bands iv ever heard.I love some of the prog-core coming out recently. * +

gabriel9 5.09.06 - 11:19pm
Excuse the ignorance but whats prog core? * +

garion 6.09.06 - 01:07am
I'm not saying this to annoy you mate (bearing in mind your username) but I prefer the 'Seconds Out' version of Supper's Ready... there, I've said it. I feel kinda dirty now (lol) but the echo on the '666' vocal with Thompson and Brufords magnificent drumming sends shivers down my spine.. * +

targetf 6.09.06 - 01:15am
i think its a shame Van der Graaf Generator aren't mentioned more often in terms of great prog rock . . . * +

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