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Subject: So there I was
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0gypsy0 20.10.20 - 04:11pm

@ owyoda - 17.10.20 - 05:49pm
eating my dinner when I heard a loud banging on the front door so I got up to answer it and there was nobody there??,I went back to eat my dinner and as I sat down the loud banging on the door started again,so I quickly got up and ran to open it because I thought you know,somebodys takin the piss here,anyway when I opened the door I couldnt see anybody,but when I looked down I saw this snail,so I picked it up and dropped kicked it over the front wall and went back in and finished my dinner,anyway,3 months later Im sat there eating my dinner again as per and I heard the loud banging again so I ran to the front door and opened it and nobody there again,but when I looked down I saw the same snail again and then he/she looked up at me and said what was that for?

You can be as unethical as you want. You can kill people for fun or money,steal, lie, cheat on your wife or husband,kick a snail over the front wall, go through life acting any way you wish.
But is that the right way to behave? * +

cam007 23.10.20 - 10:14pm
You should have used a Catapult and sent it into space * +

shazza6 24.10.20 - 08:40am

@ nate80 - 18.10.20 - 04:02pm
I thought it will end up with real scary poltergeist experience.. this was a let down ending

This *

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