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Subject: Once upon a time
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chris73 24.10.20 - 02:48pm
calling, i dont want her to wake up your dad, chat to you tomoro darling said kristy and put the phone down and rushed to the twins bedroom, wet mummy said angela as john woke up, c'mon lets get you both out of those wet nappies and in the bath, pjs on and then we can have something nice to eat said kristy, dadda elp said john, dadda asleep so we have to be very quiet said kristy putting her finger to her lips * +

wolf1v36 28.10.20 - 01:34am
Next morning an early start wolfie fried up a full english breakfast while kristy sorted out the twins, helped by mel the landladies daughter who came in to make the bed and to introduce herself wolfie offered mel some breakfast and coffee, but she agreed to a coffe later, and left the room and left kristy and wolfie to eat breakfast. Over breakfast kristy told wolfie about the chat with bryanna, wolfie said,. When you were taken ill and taken off duty and the ship, paul was on his own, * +

wolf1v36 28.10.20 - 01:57am
Mia also on 48 hours leave due to a tummy upset, lynnette kindly stepped into the breach, as well as her regular position in the office. Pavl was more than glad of the girls help then, so he had no right to moan about it, i could have just as easily have left him to continue on his own, and not let lynnette down there and let her overdo things, she wuld be off ill too, rhe was sent up to me in the wheelhouse with my supper,before jim relieved me, we chatted and she told me she enjoyed the job, * +

wolf1v36 29.10.20 - 01:40am
So i suggested that if that is what she wants to do and is happy to do so then go for it, we can. That is us and jim can dm the paperwork nff to duncan and the agency and as you know for yourself darling as you and our bryanna had to go through the same thing, and the course before you even get the wretched nvq certificate, it can take weeks to filter through the system, and duncan tho a very down to earth and nice man does not rush, and even writes in a scottish accent! Ha ha, * +

wolf1v36 30.10.20 - 01:53am
My guess is that lynnette will not take it on, wolfie said, and paused to sip his coffee, and went on to say. Remember 2 or maybe even 3 years ago was almost the same,i had the paperwork done and sorted and i had even paid two humdred pounds to truro college for her to take the two weeks nvq course for chefs and she refused point blank to take it and told me the exact place to stick it! I think it will happen again this time unless,,, well unless we can come up with another option for her, * +

wolf1v36 30.10.20 - 02:16am
The thing is, that it is all different now to what it was three years ago, yes darling, in three years the course and tests are much harder, all new laws all the time hygiene and cleanliness etc, the course itself is now four weeks, and they no longer do them at truro, the nearest now are held at plymouth or exeter universities, so would not be able to come home each evening, tho would be able to for the odd weekend,s, so i cant see lynnette accepting all that, and maybe with covid 19 too,, * +

chris73 30.10.20 - 12:00pm
What about lynnette working in the shop while the ship in dry dock, bryanna can go thro the NVQ with her, she can decide then if she wants to do the course, lynnette a bright girl and will sail thro the exam, its not hard if bryanna can do it said kristy and laughed. Wolfie nodded then realise what kristy had said about bryanna, bryanna a lot brighter then lynnette look how she runs the shop when stephen not there said wolfie * +

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