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Subject: iOS 14 Bringing some Android Features
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sammy19x 2.08.20 - 12:28pm
Thing is Samsung make tech years later apple bring it out an act like they made it * +

banbury 1.09.20 - 05:32am
You mean Apple try and make out they are the first to do everything? Yes that sounds about right lol * +

polo_011 2.09.20 - 11:23am

@ banbury - 1.09.20 - 05:32am
You mean Apple try and make out they are the first to do everything? Yes that sounds about right lol

To be quite honest iOS 14 is making a lot of us who use both iOS and Android realise how lazy Google have been, I mean the Smart Stack feature is brilliant, Google had over 10 years to do something like this with their widgets but never did, for 10 years we got widgets that scroll without any AI applied to them. Same thing with PiP, Google have taken their time adding it to android and yet it still is a little rough around the edges, and Samsung still doesnt have full developer support for it, yet here comes Apple with a clean PiP solution first time out. Theres a lot of holes Google and Samsung have left that Apple are filling which is a little worrying for me. Samsung brought PiP with the Galaxy Note 2 almost a decade ago yet its still not completely refined, I just dont get it * +

polo_011 2.09.20 - 11:28am
Apple have become brilliant at taking an existing feature and making it more usable and applicable to everyday life. AirDrop is another one, Google had their Android Beam long before Apple AirDrop yet AirDrop has become far more sophisticated to the point where my iPhone 11 Pro Max can tell if I am pointing it to the iPad Air 2 or iPad Pro to send a file, its now able to tell exactly where my devices are and which one I am wanting to send the file to, how has Google missed this with Samsungs tech prowess? (pmpl) I just dont get it, now Google have had to go back to the drawing bored and try figure out an AirDrop competitor, forgot its name but I believe its in Android 11. iMessage is another one, Google had RCS it seemed to be the way to go on all Androids, thats now been killed for something else to better compete with iMessage.

I wish Google and Samsung were more dedicated to their solutions and not going back and forth on them leaving an undesirable customer experience. * +

banbury 14.10.20 - 05:15am
Polo011 do we know what 5G modem the new iPhone 12 series have now? Is it the X55 or X60? Iam assuming its the X55 since Qualcomm claim their X60 wont be available untill 2021? still at least the X55 is far better than the X50 * +

polo_011 14.10.20 - 08:54am
Yep seems to be X55 according to this: [link]https://wccftech.com/iphone-12-snapdragon-x55-not-snapdragon-x60-not-available/[/link] * +

banbury 14.10.20 - 11:54am
Ok iam happy with that *

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