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2018 12th sep Apple event - Page 1/1

Subject: 2018 12th sep Apple event
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banbury 10.09.18 - 10:20pm
Well does anyone think any of the new iPhones this year will have 5G connectivity? after researching this myself online it seems unlikely....because as far as I can see the chips wont be ready intill next year. that said, Apple did surprise everyone with the iPhone 5 that was one of the first 4G phones, and certainly the first 4G handset in the UK anyway. so you never know.... * +

banbury 11.09.18 - 12:27am
Apple have ditched Qualcom for modems according to Macworld and its more or less certain that they have opted for the Intel XMM 7560 for this years new iPhone line up. ive checked the specs for that modem, and although it will support more bands and faster LTE than the current models there is no mention of 5G whatsover. it will be interesting to watch the keynote event though on wednesday. however, its looking increasingly likely that 5G handsets wont appear untill 2019 and the same goes for Android handsets too. * +

crail 11.09.18 - 04:23am
Is your internet that slow that you care about 5g so bad? * +

1clivey1 11.09.18 - 08:19am
4g is plenty fast for me on iphone * +

banbury 12.09.18 - 09:41pm
Technology is my hobby crail so I am always interested in anything new. anyway none of the new models are 5G compatible as I expected. They are: iPhone XS with a 5.8 inch OLED screen, the XS Max with a 6.5 inch OLED screen and the cheaper XR with an LCD 6.1 inch screen. The X models have 4GB of system ram while the XR has 3GB. but all three have the same A12 processor as expected. It's thought the iPhone SE-2 will not appear untill 2019 * +

banbury 29.11.18 - 01:05am
ive seen people whinging about the fact the XR with the LCD only has a 720p display. well its slightly more than 720 but not much more! so iam unsure how Apple can claim it has the most advanced LCD on the market! even the HTC M8 had a 1080 display in 2014. * +

crail 29.11.18 - 01:52am
720p is fine for a little screen *

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