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Subject: icloudunlock?
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albarics 31.10.17 - 09:00am
Anyone know how to unlock iPhone5 have activation lock to previous owner ? *

3mel 3.11.17 - 09:54am
you've bought a stolen phone by the sound of it... it'd be design so you could NEVER EVER use it obviously.

if it's not stolen the place/person you bought it from will help you. or if you have a receipt an apple store.

even if you unlock it I hear they can be as good as useless for getting new apps and crippled by updates that made them terrible.

apple are c.unts *

1clivey1 22.03.18 - 11:44pm
enter code e1v2e3rb33nh4d on dialling screen *

missmobi 14.01.19 - 10:49pm
My screen is blank the guy sed he wiped it he told me after hed done it ,Some1 wants buy it but how can i tell im unsure my password its bin reset so many times coz i cant always remember so is it guna b Icloud Locked now *

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