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Subject: ios8.1
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rascott 16.11.14 - 08:12pm
Just update from ios6 2 ios8.1 iphone5. It take about 2 hours with wifi. I like new ios8.1 * +

k431r 18.11.14 - 10:12am
New update out iOS 8.1.1 * +

banbury 14.12.14 - 09:18am
now iOS 8.1.2 is out lol * +

mandain 14.12.14 - 11:32pm
iOS 6 is much more stable sure I updated to the latest 8 for it's new features but it is buggy, screen freezes keypad volume reduces for no reason, phone goes in to slide to switch off by it self and when home button is pressed takes a screen shot for no reason, iOS is just not the silky smooth operating system it once was * +

mandain 14.12.14 - 11:34pm
Oh and future iPhones desperately needs more ram * +

mandain 14.12.14 - 11:38pm
I can honestly say with iOS 6 and earlier I consider it to be almost bug free, once in a blue moon the phone crashes and restarts that's the worst that can happen * +

nokstern 25.12.14 - 08:51pm
..I'm on 8.02 at my 6+ and I'm extremely satisfied (happy) ..battery lasts forever,from 100 percent to drop to 99 once it took me 36 hours with moderate usage,believe it or not,astonishing..no freezing,crashes or restarts,pfew pfew pfew,3 times knock on wood,lol..but,anyway,if some1 decides to upgrade and then regrets,is there a way to roll back?..is iTunes backing up the whole phone,I mean the system,sw,not just appz?..I'm rather new to this phone.. *

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