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Subject: iPHONE 6
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banbury 17.09.14 - 06:41am
iam aware the iphone 6 does have a larger 4.7 inch display over the 5S, but does anybody know its configuration, as in whether its just a taller panel or does the screen offer more width than the 5S? I am just curious because I really do think the iphone screen badly needs more width to it, rather than just extra height, and if it doesnt offer that then iam just gonna save some money and plump for the 5S instead. ive given up waiting for 64 bit android phones lol thats why iam considering an iphone, and in any case the app store is better than Google Play. I did try googling this with no luc * +

mandain 18.09.14 - 08:01am
Are you taking the pi*s you googled and had no luck?Any way http://www.androidorigin.com/apple-iphone-5s-vs-iphone-6-plus-size-compare/ * +

mandain 18.09.14 - 08:03am
It will obviously be wider otherwise it'll look a little silly * +

banbury 18.09.14 - 06:12pm
well I can only obviously assume you are right then. Finding dimensions of the actual phone and the screen size is easy, but I couldnt find any sites that told me if it was wider than the 5s. Thanks anyway. * +

banbury 18.09.14 - 06:20pm
(as in dimensions of the whole phone. And I think iam right in thinking that the 5 was no wider than the 4s, just taller! Now you see why iam asking?!) * +

banbury 18.09.14 - 06:36pm
confirmed, ive checked online, the 5 has the width screen as the 4s) * +

banbury 18.09.14 - 10:43pm
sorry the 5 has the same width screen as the 4s according to various online sources. * +

mandain 19.09.14 - 01:48am
Which is it that you want? A comparison between the 6 and 5s or the 5 and 4s? * +

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