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Subject: unlocking iphone 4s
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robbyj 31.03.12 - 06:36am
Guys does anyone know how to unlock an iphone 4s?I'm talking about a free method, not one were I have to pay.Thanks in advance. * +

gray3000 31.03.12 - 04:51pm
It all depends on what u say to the network provider * +

robbyj 31.03.12 - 08:25pm
I have an iphone 4s which is locked to verizon. @stratboy what is the method? @gray3000 i can't say anything to the service provider as I'm unable to call them. * +

s.mcclel 31.03.12 - 09:42pm
Is the phone stolen ?,why can't you phone the network provider ?....sounds a tad suspicious to me. * +

gray3000 31.03.12 - 09:45pm
Well I called vodafone and explained that I had been into 1 of there shops and she said it would be unlocked within 48hours so I gave it 3 days and phoned them up saying its still not unlocked so but they had no record of it so they just unlocked it free as a gesture of good will maybe I was lucky but it just goes to show they can do it for free * +

robbyj 1.04.12 - 12:59am
@s.mcclel not everyone is of your mentality, Bro. I received it from the States and I'm in a foreign country. . So thats way I can't phone the verizon call centre. * +

s.mcclel 1.04.12 - 02:00pm
lol@my mentality,yeah whatever you think.Like I said it sounded suspicious....a few others would have been thinking the same I bet but didn't wanna say.You explained ..no harm done..there was no need for feeble insults... * +

robbyj 1.04.12 - 08:49pm
@s.mcclel My bad, Bro. I apologise. * +

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