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Help should I get a 3DS or a Wii U? - Page 1/2

Subject: Help should I get a 3DS or a Wii U?
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rock_r 25.07.11 - 05:24am
Hi i am currently thinking of going Nintendo and am just wondering which system is the better console of the two. Should I get a 3DS (cos of the 3D effect) or a wii u, cos of the unique and sophisticated controller? Which will have the bigger and better games? * +

bridie 25.07.11 - 06:07am
None * +

yoji 25.07.11 - 07:00am
3ds is the worst form of 3d ever. Can see it being one of those inventions that people look back in years and pi*s themselves at how bad it was like an adult looking back at his appearance on gamesmaster as a child playing fifa 92 with john fashnewpmpl * +

yoji 25.07.11 - 07:08am
Get the wii u, then at least you can sample some proper gaming * +

rhylxlad 25.07.11 - 01:30pm
Neither, if u really want to waste your money......... you can always give it to me lol * +

rapiiid1 25.07.11 - 01:33pm
what rhyllad said yes * +

rock_r 25.07.11 - 04:27pm
so wii u it is but after reading all this and many of the nintendo info on this forum,, best ill stay around for the next gen for ps or xbox__ * +

adeeb222 25.07.11 - 04:34pm
Wait for ps4 or the xbox's latest version or atleast get the available one nintendo can never make high graphics games or build/bring a high end pc * +

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