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Subject: Elder Scrolls 5- Skyrim
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yoji 14.10.11 - 03:48pm
The high fantasy event of the year, bethesda's new elder scrolls RPG offers hundreds of hours of dungeon crawling, town travelling and dragon slaying action. The vast game world offers over 150 dungeons to explore, 5 major cities and countless towns and villages. And just about anything can happen there thanks to the all new Radiant story system that changes the world around you as you play. * +

yoji 14.10.11 - 03:49pm
You play a Dragonborn, a mystical warrior charged with defending the rugged, snowy nation of Skyrim against the return of Alduin, the Nordic god of destruction * +

play.con 14.10.11 - 03:49pm
spiteful * +

miickie 14.10.11 - 03:50pm
daydream * +

yoji 14.10.11 - 03:51pm
Wolves roam the forests, giant spiders lurk in icy caverns and dragons patrol the skies, bombarding unsuspecting travellers with flames. Skyrim is the ultimate role playing game with 18 main skills, more the 280 perks or special abilities to unlock, a dragon's horde of weapons to fight with and pages of magical spells * +

yoji 14.10.11 - 03:53pm
The cla55 system has been removed to make it easier for newcomers to get started whilst also being a warm return for seasoned veterans of the series. The game packs stunningly beautiful graphics, fluid first person combat and an epic main plot. * +

yoji 14.10.11 - 03:55pm
And the best news of all, first up, the combat is nothing like oblivion. Secondly, there are well over 70 voice actors on board so you can be sure that the khajit you just beat up wont sound exactly like the dark brotherhood member you passed earlier * +

yoji 14.10.11 - 03:57pm
Two of oblivion's worst traits was combat and voice acting, yet its still one the highest rated rpg's this gen. Cant see any pre order perks or special editions tho. * +

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