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**Official Nintendo 3DS Thread** - Page 26/26

Subject: **Official Nintendo 3DS Thread**
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tokage 25.11.11 - 08:36am
bore same cr*p different day... * +

rpd.fire 25.11.11 - 09:10am
hiding * +

popcap 22.01.12 - 07:59pm
Just ordered one of these and Rezi Evil Revelations .. It comes with the circle pad extension ! * +

popcap 22.01.12 - 08:01pm
The Zelda 25th Birthday special Edition 3DS ! * +

nttkd 12.02.13 - 09:38am
didn't want to make a new topic. this is the only place I thought it would be relevant. so anybody has any idea where I can get the leaked beta version of Pokemon X or Pokemon Y? there's a few on the net but they all need surveys to be done and they don't work out since I'm not from the UK or US. so that's not an option. any help? * +

warded 6.05.18 - 10:59am
khaliq There was a whole pinned topic for 3DS? How did i miss this... Anyway, the 3DS is still alive in 2018. It'll be laid to rest by Nintendo Switch though. i'm guessing before 2020. * +

sibz86 8.05.18 - 11:44am
Nice way to bump a topic you are a true fan..... *

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