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Subject: Steam sales
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runestar 28.11.09 - 11:17am
They be throwing stuff out daily. No discussion? omg If nothing else then Star Wars KOTOR nearly free. 5h left for that deal. * +

doug25uk 28.11.09 - 02:39pm
There should be a regularly updated bit on here for Steam deals, they always have new ones. I love Steam, but my bank account doesnt. Way too many impulse purchases. * +

dtwillia 28.11.09 - 03:01pm
d*mn it. not in to get the deals lol * +

xkross 28.11.09 - 03:29pm
hyper * +

runestar 16.12.09 - 11:25pm
TF2 free weekend and last remnant 75percent off. also we need a steam/d2d/etc. cool deal topics here help * +

lostsock 17.12.09 - 06:40am
I got that weerd point and click adventure that I cant remember the name of cos its too early to think, about some weerd little guy trying to find his dog that been kidnapped by aliens for about 1.99. It's part 2 to something I not heard of. * +

lostsock 17.12.09 - 06:45am
I saw on tf2 theres some sort of war thing going on? Mite have to re install the silly suits back on there for the festivities, like spongebob saws and mario suits and paper bags with funny faces on over the head. * +

lostsock 17.12.09 - 08:09am
That weerd games called samorost 2, it's a bit like machinarium with the puzzles and everything. Nicely drawn and a nice spacey soundtrack. I'd recomend it, it's something different and if you like a puzzle or two you can't go wrong for 1.99. And windosill's 1.79. * +

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