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Subject: What are you playing
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ufohunter 13.10.20 - 09:54pm
Lego Jurassic World for the PS Vita is pretty awesome!
4 complete games based on Jurassic Park 1 through 3 and the first Jurassic World.

The Vita is pretty cool actually. If I see a physical game, I take it.
I'm tempted to get the Nintendo Switch from somewhere (chin)
Having a microSD card and all..
Sometimes I just want to play a handheld instead. * +

ufohunter 13.10.20 - 10:03pm
Extinction is alright but pretty fast-paced
Beast Quest is not bad. One of the games I actually see myself finish within the week
Defunct, which I got last month, also a title I see myself completing
Injustice.. played it both on the Vita and PS4. Not much difference actually. Both are quite frustrating with the move sets.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, and
Coded Arms
for PSP are both
cyberpunk-related F-PS's
Bit difficult having to use the cross-circle-triangle-square d-pad (confuse)
for the movement of camera but completely learnable and doable * +

ufohunter 13.10.20 - 10:37pm
Anyone can join (good) Epic Games, even with their smartphone.
You can create an account by linking your PSN and Xbox Live accounts.
Free games each month without paying a dime! * +

warded 14.10.20 - 02:38pm
Langrisser 1 on Switch * +

warded 19.10.20 - 04:03pm
Ys Origin (Nintendo Switch) 2nd run with Hugo Fact * +

warded 25.10.20 - 01:12am
Ys Origin on switch. 3rd/last run with Toal Fact * +

warded 26.10.20 - 02:57pm
SEGA Mega Drive Classics on Switch * +

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