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Subject: What are you playing
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cerberus611 10.08.19 - 09:34pm
Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition campaign.
Just wondering how the content works out.. Installed the Deluxe Edition pack. There's a Jump Start and Carbine pack too.
Should be the 'Definitive Experience''. Though playing the download-play partition. Should wait it out until it's 100 percent complete. * +

warded 11.08.19 - 03:15pm
.trivia on IRC what * +

cerberus611 12.08.19 - 12:58pm
Okay (repost) got the money for an Xbox One S but looks like it's the 'X' that I really want.
Will make me want to buy a UHD TV. They're really cheap nowadays.
There's this 'Aim' brand. (Think it's assembled here in SA)
It's huge - 65 inch, has 3 x HDMI, 3 x USB, smart TV remote and keyboard.

I have noticed a remarkable increase in price on the Xbox One S and PS4 Slim consoles currently. Why??
Big Friday meh!
* +

cerberus611 12.08.19 - 07:36pm

@ cerberus611 - 8.08.19 - 10:58am
Is Crackdown 3 cartoony like the previous two titles, or is it much different?

The low ratings score provides evidence to how disappointing it may be lol * +

cerberus611 12.08.19 - 07:38pm
Halo and Forza is the reason.

Can spend hours on just one Halo level on Legendary difficulty plus the multiplayer matches is my favourite multiplayer game. * +

warded 27.08.19 - 02:33pm
Trials of Mana (The Mana Collection) * +

warded 28.08.19 - 07:42pm
Dragon Quest XI S Demo * +

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