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Subject: Final Fantasy Forum
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dani87 1.12.04 - 08:50pm
Any of u people out there who want to keep a forum totally dedicated for the absolute fab final fantasy-series? Then join this,and help me! :) if u have any questions,post them here,and l'll try to answer.If l cant help,hopefully someone can! * +

007rik 1.12.04 - 08:53pm
I want ff7 but cant find it any where *sob sob* * +

dani87 1.12.04 - 08:56pm
For the simplicity to the readers,please state what game you talk about. Anything goes! Questions,tips,fave character/bosses/summons,come with some great quotations etc etc. Any of the FF-games goes too. Im not an expert on (the european) 4,5 or 6,but l have them+7,8,9,10 and 10-2. Any good FF fan pages on wap?Post them here!Any good places4downloading FF music? Anyone has any FF soundtracks? * +

dani87 1.12.04 - 08:59pm
@007rik hehe,not too strange that,since FF7 (in my eyes) is the best FF (and any other) game in the world! But l guarantee u can find it if u search good enough! Good luck! :) * +

gamz 1.12.04 - 09:00pm
I loved killing da 3 weapons on FF7! Knights of round(da best summon of all time), without him i wouldnt kill da weapons so easily! * +

vames2 1.12.04 - 09:04pm
I love ff7 i played it three times and never got bored * +

leyenda 1.12.04 - 09:04pm
Know where can i find ff7 before crisis * +

dani87 1.12.04 - 09:11pm
I beat emerald and ultima weapon without kotr. :) actually,the killing blow towards emerald(who has a million hp) was dealt with a counter attack.Lol * +

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