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Subject: Final Fantasy Forum
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sephiroth 24.06.19 - 08:37pm
I better repost.gif buy those two else I'll regret not doing so.
More impetus progressing with the help of Trophies. * +

warded 25.06.19 - 03:11pm
i haven't cared about trophies since Killing Floor on Steam salute * +

sephiroth 27.06.19 - 10:22pm
Okay. Got just FFIV: The Complete Collection. Getting Tactics ISO for the PSP.
Might ask for a refund on FFIV if not downloaded yet after trying the ISO on PSP before the Vita to see if it's good.

I might be wrong with the Trophies. Gonna go check with a previous PSP title on my Vita. * +

cerberus611 12.07.19 - 05:41pm
Awesome!! Happy.gif Picked up FF XII - Zodiac Age for R180, practically new. Though the rest are new, unopened.

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