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PS4 Vs cod - Page 2/3

Subject: PS4 Vs cod
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sammy19x 1.07.20 - 12:43am
Xbox is better than any s**tstation * +

alvar89 1.07.20 - 01:02pm
I tried dirt rally 2.0 the other day on a xbox and i thought my vision is blurred. Turned out the graphics on the xbox are so blurry and washed out. Also the framerate was like a slideshow. Very bad experience. On the pc the game looks and feels proper. * +

crail 1.07.20 - 07:33pm
I see we have a my c0ck is bigger than your c0ck post. Not seen or heard this kinda stuff in years * +

alvar89 1.07.20 - 08:43pm
Need to keep the fanboyism tradition alive. Its all about the size of the ePeen anyway. Every mhz on the cpu matters (yes) * +

ufohunter 2.07.20 - 07:38pm

@ sammy19x - 1.07.20 - 12:43am
Xbox is better than any s**tstation

The MP on Mass Effect: Andromeda is not bad.
I wonder (chin) how the Xbox version is like. * +

sammy19x 16.07.20 - 09:41am
Nah it doesn't it matters about what the console can do an playstation can't do a lot without copying Xbox ideas * +

ufohunter 16.07.20 - 02:57pm
I prefer the PS4 dashboard setup.
It's more user friendly. * +

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