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Subject: 4k gaming
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nomber 23.06.20 - 11:19am
Is it worth it? *

alvar89 23.06.20 - 01:57pm
If you have the budget for it then definetly. The less visible pixels the better. Creates a better immersion to the game. Been playing on 4k for a few years now and im not able to stand playing on 1080p anymore. I do use a 3440x1440 monitor beside a 4k tv but that thing is a ultrawide that looks as crisp as my 4k monitor was. Just make sure the screen has decent refresh rate and low input lag. I hated my 4k monitor for its bad response time. Got rid of it for that. *

alvar89 23.06.20 - 02:01pm
If you play on a console and a 4k tv then you dont have much choice ofcourse but 4k is still worth it. *

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