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Subject: Ps4 maxed out?
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adeeb222 22.04.19 - 01:36pm
Well rumours are floating in air and some specs too.. so thought of coming back here to discuss ps4.. you think its maxed out already? And if ps5 supports pure 4k (i guess 30 fps) will it still have better graphics then current game.. and what will this cause effect on the specs of a pc gamer.. i think most people will need an upgrade. * +

3mel 24.04.19 - 02:00pm
I don't think anyone would accept 30fps or even 60 * +

crail 24.04.19 - 07:13pm
I doubt it will be that powerful, mel * +

norega 25.04.19 - 07:25am
Ps5 will just bring higher stable frame rates at higher resolution. Doubt the graphics will be much better than the current best looking games . Expect a big price hike in development costs though and of course that will be passed into the gamer with new games increasing in price . * +

crail 25.04.19 - 04:20pm
It will have better sound too * +

adeeb222 3.05.19 - 08:32am
I think almost all games will atleast look as good as god of war on ps5 .. with 4k 30fps not 1440p upscaled .. and crail i believe sound is as good as the output one has.. anyway , waiting to see what xbox has in store against ps5 * +

sibz86 20.05.19 - 06:31pm
The gpu is rumoured to be 7nm 12 teraflops 24gb gddr6 with rtx,I highly doubt it . I think it will be in the region of a Vega 64 performance wise *

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