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Subject: Res evil 2 remake
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shadow27 13.01.19 - 11:00am
Not really a remaster, more an actual reimagining of it. Saw a demo on Steam. * +

mok214 14.01.19 - 05:40pm
Just remember, it is just a beta release of a demo and what you see may not even be included in the final release of the game. Kind of like Half-Life Uplink. * +

wildhart 17.01.19 - 05:41pm
Loved the demo really looking forward to the release now * +

warded 25.01.19 - 03:43pm
A proper remake in the style of 4 and with the engine of 7. i'm sold. salute Though imo they should've made RE(2)MAKE back on the gamecube... Lazy b****rds lol * +

guillium 26.01.19 - 06:42pm
Its brilliant, believe the hype. * +

trailrunner 27.01.19 - 12:49pm
i see little clips at youtube it does look good and many were saying it gives you that old classic feel but with improved gameplay and visuals, one bloke said it's a remaster done right! i got it on my wishlist at the moment as playing another game at the moment. i like to finish a game 1st before the next one lol some gamers like to play a bit of everything at one time. i just prefer to settle in to one game at a time. * +

warded 27.01.19 - 01:00pm
i'm guilty of having multiple games underway. * +

wildhart 2.02.19 - 05:50pm
Everything I could have wanted from the remake, still feels like Resi 2 but totally updated for the new generation but damn Mr X can just fk off lol he is driving me crazy. Have done Leon A and Claire B so far * +

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