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Subject: Crossplay
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4juice 19.01.18 - 02:45pm
Im not a fan of crossplay, what about you? * +

psnality 20.01.18 - 12:50am
Don't really like multiplayer games much, mostly a lot of cheaters just shooting people, I like the idea of all xbox games going to PC though so I get to play Forza 7 but not sure I'd want to play it multiplayer. * +

4juice 20.01.18 - 06:36pm
Cheaters mostly exists on PC. I think what you like is cross platform, i like that as well. * +

psnality 20.01.18 - 07:38pm
Yeah but you can't just choose xbox can you?
Personally I don't see the point in cheating in games, why play a game to cheat and win. * +

ementalm 27.01.18 - 10:38pm
people cheat because they're lazy and wanna fk someone over, pi*s them off * +

crail 29.01.18 - 03:59am

@ 4juice - 19.01.18 - 02:45pm
Im not a fan of crossplay, what about you?

Do you mean crossdressing? * +

sephiroth 28.03.19 - 10:21pm
I like cross-buy. You buy a PS4 game and are able to play the same game on the Vita from the same purchase. Cross-save is also a (good) useful feature. You can play, say FF X HD Remaster on the PS4 and take off where you left off onto the Vita. You need an internet connection though with a cloud save. *

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