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Subject: Need For Speed Payback
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alvar89 3.11.17 - 11:50am
Who is getting it and what do you think of it? I have been let down by previous games especially nfs 2015 what a waste of money that was. This one seems more interesting so i will try it thru origin access before throwing money on it. Dl it now. * +

psnality 3.11.17 - 05:02pm
The last one was bad, seems interesting and more like a Fast and Furious kind of deal but like you I want to try before I buy. The access trial should be out before it's released.
Oh wait it's today, going to download it tonight and give it a go tomorrow. * +

psnality 5.11.17 - 09:17am
I like it, the first part is like you're in an 80's film then it opens up and you can drive around and take part in races.
Bit of performance issues like stuttering but apart from that I really like it. * +

alvar89 5.11.17 - 10:01am
It is good. I played thru the beginning until you get the team back together and own cars. It is definetly better than the last nfs. * +

sephiroth 28.03.19 - 10:26pm
Going (repost) for cheap now. *

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