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Subject: Grandturismo sport
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bobdylan 21.10.17 - 12:07pm
Thoughts so far ? * +

bobdylan 21.10.17 - 12:08pm
Feel and look are great first impression .... gutted at the lack of cars , feels more like there version of project car / tocca racing sim rather than the car enthusiast game it always used to be .
* +

psnality 27.10.17 - 11:35pm
I've not played it but the user reviews all say stuff like not enough cars and only online so they don't seem all that happy.
I like racing games, my favorite is Forza. * +

joshuaz3 2.11.17 - 10:54pm
its pretty smooth racing online im liking it..is more like a prologue then a full GT game * +

endemic 15.11.17 - 02:46pm
Have this. Yeah just arcade offline * +

joshuaz3 15.12.17 - 09:41pm
its potentailly a great game..worst game servers i've even seen though, disconnecting before race starts or during so many times, which is no big deal except you lose driver rating and sportsmanship rating severely when it happens, it's a common problem apparently..you work hard to get to A level and 1 disconnect you are back to B level, i did make it to a championship race against the best, got smashed lol but yeh i would flog any of you losers * +

joshuaz3 27.12.17 - 04:27am
i made it to A/S rank after some work lol its not easy, its 4th time i been A driver rating but now i know this game i can stay there easy but its hard competition..the S rank are ridiculous fast, im only using controller atm so its some disadvantage..i didnt see much comment here nobody plays this? i will say 1 thing i dont like is they had alot of beta testers playing this game for at least 1 year before its released(even then they got so much things wrong lol)these players dominate the game * +

axlisbak 29.12.17 - 09:05am
Played it at a friends the other day, had flashbacks of GT: Concept except this time you have endless lobby loading screens and got restarted if you go more than a meter off the track, what a hot mess. Only fun we could find in the game was figuring out how to launch our cars off a dirt pile and seeing who could fly the furthest in multiplayer. * +

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